Land a Job Writing R Code


I was inspired to create this presentation after hearing Ruby enthusiast Chris Mar (@cmar) at a meetup talk. He laid out some very nice tips on becoming a Ruby programmer and I thought it would be interesting to put an R spin on the content. If you’re preparing to get your first job writing R Code here are the key takeaways from the presentation:

  1. Pick a project you’re passionate about that forces you to write R code
  2. Build it and put it on GitHub with a nice README
  3. Follow the R community (i.e. follow breaking news, influencers, and key conferences)
  4. Be opinionated! Know popular packages and a preference for certain ones
  5. Commit to open source
  6. Find jobs specifically listing R skills and follow employees at that company
  7. At the interview, say you’re proficient and act curious and enthusiastic
  8. When answering technical questions, ask for help and be yourself.

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